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The 16 Fintech Vietnam Challenge finalists are featured below!

They have been invited to participate in an exciting Showcase Day this month! The showcase will be followed by a six-week incubation and mentoring program culminating in an opportunity to demo their solutions at the 2018 Vietnam National Fintech Day!


About 2 billion working-age individuals in Africa and Asia cannot access credit due to lack of credit history or collateral and therefore cannot qualify for loans from banks or other financial institutions. We created the SHIKA app for these individuals to get affordable micro loans through their mobile phones in less than 180 seconds. On the back-end of the Shika app, we have built a credit rating algorithm that looks at over 2,000 data points from each users’ own phone. The credit rating is done in less than 30 seconds and the app delivers the loan to the individuals’ mobile wallet. Financial institutions also partner with us and use our platform to disburse loans since it’s both expensive and cumbersome for them to build this infrastructure. They also put in money to our lending pool where revenue is shared 60% (financial institutions) – 40% (Alternative Circle).


Vpoint is a multi-purpose point card that helps you earn points and pay with points in many affiliate shops of Vpoint. The diversified ecosystem with 2,000 participating stores (food, tourism, supermarkets, electronics, cosmetics, fashion, beauty) will bring great benefits to members only, unique in the Vpoint community. Vpoint can be used by card, mobile app, or sms. Vpoint card can be also integrated with bank cards , such as JCB Card, Vietinbank Card, etc. Based on huge customer data (30-60M accounts), in near future we will focus on big data, trending analytic and blockchain to leverage propietary data.Vpoint was founded by VNPT. We have researched and developed our business plan since 2016.


Through our local systems integrator, MITEC, Bluechain proposes to partner with NAPAS, SBV and Vietnamese banks to deliver a financially inclusive payment scheme for Vietnam. The patented Bluechain platform will include a secure, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adopt mobile application for member banks, electronic money issuers, merchants, and consumers. The Bluechain payment scheme will use smartphone transactions to drive the cashless agenda for domestic payments and will provide access to financial instruments to rural micro-enterprises and consumers. In addition to the domestic payments infrastructure, Bluechain also supports international payments and major international card schemes. It even supports payments by Bluechain users to non-Bluechain merchants and non-Bluechain users to Bluechain merchants. This flexibility ensures that Bluechain can provide Vietnam with a total solution, encompassing every type of payment between every type of user. And Bluechain does it while still offering lower costs, greater security, and better control than any alternative payments platform.


Instarem is one of South Asia’s largest digital cross-border remittance service providers, headquartered in Singapore, with licenses in 8 locations including Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hongkong, India, USA, Canada, Europe. We can send money from 40 countries and we can deliver funds to over 50 countries globally. We are currently in the process of acquiring new licenses to expand this list of send and receive locations. Services are offered to individual customers and corporates through our website In case a business requires processing of a higher number of transactions per day or per month, we can integrate via APIs or process the transactions through a CSV batch file upload. All transactions processed are for thoroughly KYC’ed customers. Remitter and beneficiary details for all transactions are further screened through multiple databases along with our proprietary databases prior to being processed to the destination bank account.

INSTANT.VN is a lending platform for SMEs which helps them enhance the possibility of accessing loans. Vietnamese SMEs have difficulty accessing loans from financial institutions since they lack transparent accounts, don’t have collateral and often pay high interest rates. In addition, the lending process of financial institutions is based on collateral, business plans, tax information, etc; 70% of Vietnam’s SMEs cannot meet these requirements. To solve these access problems, we work with financial institutions to improve loan processes. Instant’s marketplace connects borrowers and lenders by a matching algorithm which boosts the loan process. It helps SMEs get loans faster than before with lower interest rates. From the financial institutions’ side, they get more high quality applicants and expand their portfolio.


Kiu provides an integrated solution for SMEs to access global markets, business management tools, and working capitald–all on one platform. KIU combines a B2B e-commerce marketplace (KIU Market), cloud-based enterprise resource planning tools (KIU ERP), and cash advances on invoices (KIU Pay) tailored to the needs of SMEs. KIU ERP assists SMEs manage inventory, production, logistics, sales, accounting and payroll. KIU Pay is a digital value chain financing mechanism that provides SMEs direct access to finance for working capital based on invoice orders received through KIU Market or KIU ERP. Risk is managed by using the data collected through the ERP and other data sources to develop data analytics using the KIU Scoring Engine that allows for credit rating of SME clients for our bank partners.


With individuals are empowered to own their digital identity and control what data they share. Businesses get a secure platform for seamless customer interactions and data requests (eg., KYC). For consumer Chekk is a secure data wallet in which users can store their personal data (passport details, payment cards, membership, health information) and contextualize it by profiles (banks, travel agent, insurance, utilities, etc.) and reuse them anytime they need. For corporate customers and government agencies, Chekk is a platform which enables them to improve the customer experience and access always up-to-date customer information (e.g. for banks customer due diligence and periodic refresh to feed into AML and sanction policies, for government’s data access and interaction with citizens, etc).


Our mobile application is ideal for foreign exchange agents who are small companies or rural hotels as it does not require additional expensive hardware like its competitors. Our app helps to comply with the new Vietnamese foreign exchange legislation on gathering customer information, whilst also assisting with simple A1:F17 support, customer interaction, recording transactions and issuing invoices.

Electronic IDentification

Electronic Identification (eID) is a regulatory technology scaleup that has created VideoID, the European leading technology for VideoIDentification. VideoID combines video in streaming + artificial intelligence to give same level of technical security and legal compliance as face to face identification. VideoID allows financial institutions to onboard new customers in seconds being compliance with most stringent regulation for KYC/AML processes.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in all economies. SME financing, however, remains challenging due to the high perceived risks and costs. Fin2B focuses on the potential of invoice financing. Invoice financing allows SMEs to leverage their buyers’ credit (often large corporations) to get financing at competitive rates. Fin2B’s innovative solution addresses two large pain points for invoice financing: difficulties in authentication and high processing costs. Fin2B’s platform connects directly to buyers’ ERP systems which allows automatic authentication of account receivables. Creating easy-to-use, automated processes for all participant, Fin2B is able to reduce transaction costs. Fin2B’s solution bring benefits to all participants: buyers, suppliers and funders (e.g. banks). Buyers are able to strengthen their supply chains and to manage their working capital more efficiently. Suppliers receive funding at competitive rates within minutes. Banks benefit both from the opportunity to lend and to acquire new customers.


Tradle is selling to major banks and insurance companies a software program for user-controlled KYC portability, blockchain-based due diligence and real-time regulatory supervision. Tradle has won many competitions, including #1 Fintech in Japan, #1 blockchain Fintech in Europe, #1 blockchain Fintech by KPMG; Tradle has been named by McKinsey and Citigroup as KYC innovator, and successfully completed pilots with 7 Tier 1 financial institutions, including UK FCA Regulatory Sandbox and Singapore’s MAS accelerator. Tradle is now engaged with regulators in 21 countries, and is is eKYC provider for R3 blockchain consortium of 100 banks, as well as for AFIN, a banking and fintech network launched in 2017 by IFC (World Bank), MAS in Singapore and ASEAN banking association. Tradle’s mission is using its open source digital identity platform to help institutions and governments reduce regulatory friction to unlock exponential growth.

VAYMUON.VN is not a bank or a financial institution. uses technology to connect individuals wanting to borrow money with investors willing to lend. This technology will bring the best rate for borrowers and highest profits for lenders.
Vaymuon is the leading P2P lending company in Vietnam with a highly experienced management team in technology.
Vaymuon has facilitated lending in small loans, helping investors to earn profits for their idle cash. Via website, wap, app and Fanpage (“”), Vaymuon has provided an intermediary service platform matching borrowers and lenders with small amount, short-term, quick turnaround, online lending, with no face-to-face meeting, no collateral, and disbursement within 30 minutes.


VIMO is one of the largest mobile payment platforms in Vietnam with monthly payment volume of $20 million USD in January 2018.
A main barrier to cashless payment in Vietnam is that there are too many issuers but lack of acceptance. VIMO is boosting acceptance through QR-Code mobile payments in combination with mobile banking apps. Chinese represent the #1 tourist group in Vietnam, and for these tourists, WechatPay and Alipay are the 2 most popular payment methods that they use in their home country. Neither of these platforms are available in Vietnam, which limits their spending while traveling to Vietnam. VIMO solves this by combining with WechatPay and Alipay to enable acceptance at merchants throughout Vietnam. Vietnam is also the #9 remittance market in the world but the market for remittances is dominated by slow and expensive traditional banking channels. VIMO is now the largest non-bank fintech player for inbound remittance in Vietnam.


WECASH’s target customers are people in the near-prime / sub-prime category earning around USD$200 a month and up. These people typically cannot get loans from banks because they have no or low credit history (thin file/no file). We provide loans to this group of users by evaluating their credit instantly through a proprietary engine that evaluates their GPS, ID, social networks, e-commerce activity, and over 4,000 variables in their mobile apps, anytime anywhere, with instant disbursement of loan.


Finsify Hub is a Platform-as-a-Service which enables Banks/ Financial institutions (FIs) and Fintech companies to streamline collaboration and integration. Finsify Hub provides standard APIs for multiple banks to helps fintech companies save time and cut cost when integrating with banks’ infrastructure. Finsify Hub offers Banks/ FIs a product marketplace by verified companies where they can easily control third-party products.


Weezi Digital is a small Vietnamese team of passionate technology savvy engineers, with big dreams. We believe that the automation process is the way to move forward, and our solution provides a “self-banking” experience, will solve many problems. By applying technology at the heart of the system, biometric onboarding (eKYC) for a more secure layer of trust and security, and a personalized and continuous relationship with all customers through aconversational interface. This is all powered by machine learning and deep data analytics, in order to achieve a total frictionless experience that adapts the solution to the customers’ habits (and not the other way around). We believe we will increase the customer based and improve financial inclusion.

*The finalists are listed in alphabetical order by name